Vincent Jaton

Riex, Switzerland

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Vincent Jaton, an artist of our time, has embraced a singular career as a museographer and exhibition designer for over two decades. However, it is only in recent years that he has delved deeply into the creation of his own artistic realm. This singular realm is a pure reflection of his childhood imagination and his deepest musical affinities.

At the very essence of each of his works is the music that breathes life into his artistic inventiveness and his creative spirit. In a burst of inspiration, he starts painting without the slightest idea of the final result, abandoning himself entirely to his artistic instinct. He is a true traveler guided by sensitivity, strongly imbued by a mosaic of influences that have shaped his unique universe.
Vincent Jaton's work lends itself to diverse interpretations and multiple perspectives. What most distinguishes his art lies in his ability to capture movement, to embody dynamics, to give rhythm to the absurd. His artistic creations transcend conventional boundaries, immersing spectators in a journey that resonates with the music that initiated it.
Beyond his passion for art, Vincent Jaton has a deep affinity for musical composition and production, which adds a further dimension to his artistic expression. His love of architecture is equally evident, fusing the elements of form and structure in his works to create an unforgettable visual and sensory experience.

Each painting is associated with its own music, accessible via a QR code available on information panels placed near each work.

Some samples

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Babelougraal - 60x60
Inspired by Claude Nougaro - L'île Hélène
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Princussy - 100x100 / Deconstruction - 60x80
Inspired by Prince - Boys and Girls / S.Rachmaninov - Symph.No2 Adagio
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La Grande Mystérieuse 2 - Bust
Inspired by Favard - Dark & Bright
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Construction 1 - 50x50 / La Fashion - Bust
Inspired by Ôlafur Arnalds - Re-member / Pat Metheny - Here To Stay
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La Grande Mystérieuse 1
Inspired by David Bowie - This Not America
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One Dollar Baby - 30x100
Inspired by Sixun - Minor Steps
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Pâte à l'oeuf - 60x60
Inspired by Michael Brecker - Midnight Soul
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Various containers
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L'ami Pérotte - 50x50
Inspired by Card Subtitle
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Le requin trompette - 60x80
Inspired by Theo Crocker - The Right Time
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La montagne en béton - 100x80
Inspired by Young Gun Silver Fox - Still Got It Goin'On
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Mesdames - 50x50
Inspired by Grand corps malade - Mesdames
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Vinimusisaxi 50x50 / Pas folle la guêpe 50x50
Inspired by Yellowjackets - Downtown / Robert Glasper - Better Than I... 
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Ton Tableau
Inspired by Jacob Collier - Feel


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